Partnering with us through …



Prayer is the foundation of all that we do.   Not only is God faithful to hear and answer our prayers, He loves to talk to us as well.   It is this prayer – our conversation with God – that keeps us in alignment with His heart and allows us to be encouraged and strengthened by what He says!  Your prayers, on our behalf, move the heart of the Lord and amplify the work that He has already laid out in His plans & purposes.  Thank you for your faithful prayers!



We love to hear from you!   There are many ways in which you can connect with us.  An encouraging word, an “I thought of you when … happened yesterday” moment, an Email, a hand-written note, a comment on our Instagram posts, or even a FaceTime call.  Thank you for the many ways you connect with and encourage us.  It is a love-filled reminder that you are standing with us and standing for us. Your support, in this way, is a critical part of our ministry!



Your investment in our missions work allows us to be fully focused on the building up of His church in Bratislava, and on the care and support of missionaries and pastors throughout Europe.  We are grateful for the churches, individuals, and businesses that share the vision of serving and supporting those called to the mission field, and of growing the church in Central Europe.  Thank you!  The Lord’s provision, through your hands, is truly a gift to us.